Saturday, June 27, 2009

Job Search in U.S. After Graduating in Europe

On top of the standard job search methods, you should also try attending minority job fairs.

I know there’s a diversity job fair in San Marcos, TX in the spring of each year.
There’s also a huge career fair
organized by a consortium of Atlanta universities in the fall of each year (around September, I think). Call the Career Center at Spellman College in Atlanta to get more information.

Some black professional associations in the U.S. sponsor job fairs annually and some have sections on their websites where you can apply for jobs. Many of these professional associations have member-at-large options so you can join even if there’s not a chapter in the country you live in.

At least 15 months before your scheduled graduation date from your European degree program, find out when these various job fairs are held and requirements to participate, so you can start advanced planning.

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